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HDMI 2.0

2015/12/29      view:
With over 4B HDMI-enabled devices having shipped since 2003, the rapid market growth of HDMI technology has extended into an increasingly wide array of devices, applications, and industries, including cell phones, automobiles and commercial applications such digital signage and airport installations. As a result, the HDMI Founders have decided to broaden the decision-making base and let the future course of the technology be mapped by a larger and more diverse industry group that better reflects the HDMI Specification’s role as a de facto global connectivity standard.
The purpose of the HDMI Forum is to guide the future direction of HDMI technology, develop new versions of the HDMI Specification, and foster broader global adoption and interoperability. Members of the HDMI Forum have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to take a leadership role in the evolution of the HDMI Specification.