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     Front desk clerk    [2015-12-29 23:32:47]
    Place:  ShenZhen
    Salary:  4500RMB
    Number:  5
    Sex:  Female
    Age:  20~30
    Condition:  College degree or above, more than one year's reception and administrative clerks work experience; good image, dignified and generous, hard-working, working carefully, strong sense of responsibility.
    Job Description:

    Responsible for various visiting customer reception, registration.

    Responsible for call forwarding and fax management.
    Responsible for letters, printing press, receive information and documents, copy and manage.
    The company is responsible for attendance management and attendance summary table.
    Responsible for health supervision and management.
    Responsible for external relations matters of routine maintenance network, telephones, copiers, fax machines, projectors and other office equipment.
    Buyer is responsible for office consumables, registration, management and distribution of
    Responsible for contacts monthly updates, as well as bulk mail.

    Responsible for other temporary work.